Thursday, January 14, 2010

CTMH Sweet Home Fridge Photo Frame

Here is a little photo frame I made today.  I added some magnetic tape to the back and will put it on my fridge with a small pic of my kids!  I like having little reminders around the house that bring our sometimes crazy life into perspective! 

Materials Used (all Close to My Heart, except as noted):
Update for you on my Library of Memories course.  It doesn't actually start for a few weeks, but I've started doing some of the pre-class assignments.  The one assignment is to 'spend some time with' (not necessarily organize) your digital photos.  Unlike many people, I do actually print ALL of my photos.  So this step isn't necessarily as critical for me, I don't think.  But the idea behind it is to go through the thousands of digital photos you have and pick the 'highlights'  . . . the ones that are definitely scrap-worthy & that capture the 'highlights' of each season and year.  Tag them somehow (depending on your photo software) or copy them to special folders so that you can find them & print them.  Essentially, you want to pare down your collection to a more manageable size - it is time to accept that you are never going to scrap EVERY photo! 
While creating my highlight photos for each year, I've also taken it upon myself to add tags/keywords to ALL of my photos so that I can find photos easier when I'm searching for a photo or subject (i.e. I have tags now for each of our names (me, hubby, the kids), 'friends', 'family', vacation, christmas, birthday, etc.).  So when I started this process - I knew it was a big job.  But wow!! It is a huge job! I have a LOT of pictures!  Anyway - I'm still plugging away at it when I have 15 minutes to spare here & there.  And I think in the long run it will be worth it & save me the frustration of trying to scan through hundreds of photos looking for a particular one - which I often do when I have a layout planned in my head! 


  1. Super fun project Carla, great papers!

  2. Love this fridge frame! Excellent idea.
    Wow, for being so organized with your digital pix. I just know you'll really enjoy the class!
    Kim xXx

  3. So cute! Glad to hear you're taking LOM is Julie. It's my second time around, so I can take it for free as an alum! Talk soon!

  4. The frame is darling.
    kudos to you for trying to are brave..I have thousands and thousands of photos..I never tag least they are in monthly files..but still a HUGE mess. I am scared to even start LOL.

  5. What an adorable pic frame! I love your idea of tagging your digi pics. I think I may give that a try going forward at least.

  6. Great frame. I love the sentiment on it. The project you are undertaking sounds like a great one and one that I definitely need to do.


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