Saturday, July 12, 2014

CTMH Convention 2014 Recap

What a great week in Anaheim for this year's CTMH Convention!   So much fun, as always!   I've had a week to process all the information and ideas & my head is still spinning!   So much creative inspiration.   As most of my blog readers know - I have had a bit of a creative hiatus this spring while recovering from major surgery . . . well, Convention was exactly what I was needed to get the creative juices flowing again.    So - watch for new artwork very soon.   In the meantime - here are a few random photo highlights from Disneyland:

This year's Convention theme: The Artistic Adventure
All dressed up for the Awards Banquet with one of my CTMH teammates & good friend, Brandy.
The amazing CTMH Executive team at Awards night - Kristine, Brian and Monica.
I loved this year's classes - both business & creative!   So many great presenters & ideas.
Our fabulous accommodations - the Disneyland Hotel.
Happiest Place on Earth!
View from our hotel room - Downtown Disney.
A fun evening with Brandy and Susan. 
Enjoying the excitement of general session with friends Julie, Melanie, and Brandy.
Love staying at the Disneyland Hotel!  
Always a highlight of Convention - Q&A session with CTMH CEO Jeanette Lynton.
One of my favourite CTMH bloggers - Fancy Melissa.   We met at my first Convention 5 years ago in Washington DC & it is always great to see her!   
Me & Mickey
Team meet-up - two fantastic ladies - one of my uplines Pam and teammate Brandy.
CTMH through the years - we celebrated 30 years of business this year.
My favourite part of this year's Convention was having FOUR great ladies from my Creative Canadians team there as well!   Here I am with Gillian, France, Sherry, and Lorna.  From all accounts, they had as much fun at Convention as I did and will be back again next year :-)

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  1. Your photos are so fun to see. Reminds me of being there. :) Thanks for the quick recap.


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