Friday, August 9, 2013

Organizing Cardstock Scraps

I don't know about all of you, but I'm always looking for new ways to organize all my scrappy STUFF!!   The more organized I am, the more I use up my stash.

I recently changed how I am storing my scraps of cardstock & its' working so well for me that I wanted to share it with all of you!   

I have always saved all my bits & pieces of cardstock - as long as they are bigger than roughly 2x2.   And for many years I have kept them sorted in colour groups.   However, up until recently I was storing the scraps in 13x13.25 ziptop bags.   This was fairly functional - except for two main problems:
1)  having a place to store those bags of scraps.  I was using a drawer in my Expedit - but it was always overflowing
2)   the ziptop bags did not keep the papers from getting bent, etc. - so I was constantly having to throw away pieces that had been scrunched

So I continued on like that until . . . CTMH introduced a full line of organizers!!   LOVE LOVE LOVE them for so many different uses!   (My cardstock storage is just one!)

So I am now using the SMALL sized organizer for my cardstock scraps.   I have 5 of them total, labelled by colour family.   The scraps fit great and don't get scrunched.  My organizers all fit in this great basket I picked up at Michaels.  (The basket is currently sitting on top of a rolling drawer organizer I got at Walmart). (My blacks/greys didn't require a full organizer so I'm using our hard-sided plastic paper envelope for those!)  And because these are stackable & have carry handles - they will also be easy to take with me to my crops & retreats!  

Now when I need a piece of cardstock - I go to these containers first before cutting into a full piece and I'm using them up way more than I used to!  

Do you have other ideas for storing your cardstock scraps?  I'd love to hear about them - leave me a comment!


  1. very nice! I love this way to organize scraps! thanks for sharing!

  2. What you described: large ziplock bags of scraps taking up a whole drawer in your organizer. Yup! Plus the fact that my cats seem to want to graw on the plastic bags if I leave them out...this adds to the tool of unuseable papers! Like your idea much better.


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