Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Page Protector Solution for your Creative Memories Albums!

With all of the turmoil surrounding Creative Memories right now - I know there has been a lot of talk among those who use & love the Creative Memories albums about what to do now that they will no longer be able to buy CM page protectors for their albums going forward.

Not to worry - - the attached YouTube video, created by a new Australian CTMH consultant (formerly a CM consultant) will show you how you can adapt our fabulous CTMH page protectors for use in your CM albums/coversets.   Easy peasy!

I use CTMH page protectors exclusively in all of my albums, not because I sell them, but because they are simply the highest quality page protectors I've seen.   I actually went through all of my older finished scrapbooks at one point and replaced all the older page protectors with CTMH ones because they are just that much better.  You have to feel them to see the difference - but trust me on this - they are amazing.

The pricing she refers to in the video is Australian.  Here in Canada - you can pick up a 50-pack of our page protectors for $22.95.   Can't beat that!

So, for those of you using CM albums here in Canada - give the video a watch.  I hope you find the tips helpful!  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the CTMH page protectors!

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