Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"The Good Stuff" Canvas Wall Decor

Good morning all!   I haven't had a lot of artwork to share over the last 2 weeks, and the reason . . . I was completely obsessed with Downton Abbey.  I just discovered the show recently so I downloaded all three seasons on my laptop and spent every spare minute I had over the last two weeks or so enjoying every minute of every episode!   Fantastic show.     Was so disappointed to find out when I finished that new episodes for Season 4 will not air here in North America until next JANUARY!!! Are you kidding me?   I have to wait a whole year!!  Uuughhh!   Had I known that I think I would have taken my time a bit more catching up on the previous seasons so the wait wouldn't seem so long.  
Oh well- - maybe I'll re-watch them!   Ha ha.

Anyway - - now that life is back to normal, I'm back to the craft room.   Wanted to share with you today my FAVOURITE new item in the Spring/Summer CTMH Idea Book.      Check out this great canvas wall decor kit!     There are a ton of pieces to choose from in the kit - so you can decorate your canvas as shown in the workshop guide, or get more creative and design your own.   Mine here is based on the workshop guide layout.   (I've used my 'extra' pieces from the kit on other projects, such as this LAYOUT).  

This kit was super easy and super fast to put together - - took about an hour total to create.     Better buy multiples - keep one for yourself and give one as a gift!  

Materials Used:
CTMH Cocoa Pigment Ink
CTMH Canvas Art Workshop Kit
Glue Dots
Foam Tape


  1. This is fantastic Carla. What a great piece.

  2. I love this Carla. The bold colors you chose and the elements are spectacular!


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