Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Fabulous Finds

Woohoo - - I have another edition of my Five Fabulous Finds for you on this fine Friday (two weeks in a row!!).

1.  Ok people - I consider myself REALLY organized.  I'm an accountant, after all.  It is just part of my nature.  But I read a post this week on scrapbooking organization that had my jaw on the floor!  Seriously!   The article is worth a read.  Even if you don't go to the lengths that the author does - you may pick up some very useful tips in your own 'method' and 'process'.    You can find the article here: A Scraptastic Planning Process.

2.  Had to share a hilarious video with you all!  A fellow CTMH consultant recently won a free timed shopping spree in the corporate warehouse - so fun to watch.  What would your strategy have been?  What products would you have gone for first?  Enjoy . . . Noreen's Shopping Spree.

3.  One of my favourite boards on my Pinterest account is my Recipe board.  One of my most popular pins from this past week has been this recipe for Easy Cinnamon Buns.  Haven't had a chance to try it yet - - but it indeed looks easy and oh so delicious!  Will report back once I get a chance to try them!

4.  Planning a party?  The CTMH Artiste Cricut cartridge is a must have for DIY party decorations.  Here is a great sampling of what you can create for your next party - Jody Gustafson's Clementine Party.

5.  And finally - - a video every scrapbooker should watch.  This video - titled Stand Still, is from Stacy Julian and is set to an amazing song by Hilary Weeks.  Stacy shared it with us at the CTMH Convention in Dallas & there was not a dry eye in the house!    I promise watching this video will re-inspire you to capture more of your family's memories in your photos & scrapbooks :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Don't forget I'm running Facebook Friday specials all summer long - one day only offers to all Canadian shoppers - be sure to check out my Facebook Page for today's special!


  1. Truly excellent post this week, Carla. I read them all and this one was especially good. I think that organizational tip is going to be a game changer for me as well. Awesome!!

  2. I loved the video by Stacy Julian and had to share it. Great posts!

  3. I loved the video by Stacy Julian and had to share it. Great posts!


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