Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Long Journey Home with CTMH Cruisin'

I love the Cruisin' collection from CTMH - fun travel themed papers & accessories.   I used Sketch #131 from "Let's Capture These Sketches" for this layout.

My journalling tells the abbreviated story of our trip home from Hawaii back in 2010.  It was an absolute nightmare, let me tell you!  In a moment of insanity I booked our flight home on the overnight flight, thinking that my kids would sleep through which would be easier than trying to keep them entertained on a 7 hour flight.  Well, I knew right when we got to the airport that things were going sideways.  Our flight was delayed 3 HOURS!!!  We were supposed to take off at about 10:30pm, if I remember correctly (well past my kids' normal bedtime of about 7:30-8 pm).  So we were now scheduled to leave at 1:30 am!!! What to do with a 3 year old and 7 year old in the airport at that time of night when they are beyond tired?!?! I didn't want to try & have them sleep there as then I thought they might not sleep once we got on the plane.  So - we spent the next few hours reading books & magazines, eating snacks, watching movies,etc.  Everyone was grumpy - it was not a happy time (you can see the anger in my face in the photo above!)  When we finally did get on the plane - things went from bad to worse.  We were all exhausted at this point - especially our three year old who proceeded to have a complete MELTDOWN when we tried to get him to go to sleep.  I'm talking kicking, screaming - the works!    We did finally calm him down & get him to sleep - but he was laying on me.  Needless to say - I did not sleep a wink the entire flight!   Our daughter was sitting next to me - and she managed to fall asleep initially but had trouble being comfortable in the airplane seat - so she kept waking up.   She was so unsetteled and restless and then I heard her say the dreaded "Mom, I'm not feeling well . . .".  Uuugghhh!  Are you kidding me?  Yep - airsick! Luckily we were able to get the handy little vomit bag out from the back of the seat in time and didn't have to deal with a mess.   Could have been worse, right?

So that's my story - - it really was the LONGEST journey home ever!!

Materials Used:
Patterned paper: CTMH Cruisin'
CTMH cardstock: Grey Wool, Black, Cranberry
Alphas: AC Thickers


  1. love this layout Carla, what a long journey home you had!!

  2. Great layout! And isn't travelling with kids on late flights SO fun! haha!

  3. Oh my, what a journey! Great layout, though. ;)


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