Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last weekend

Totally non-crafty related - - but thought I'd share what I did last weekend!

Months ago, one of my good friends & I planned a girls weekend away in Banff.  (Just because us moms need a break every once in a while!)  We booked a hotel room and a day of spa treatments!  Then, about a month ago, we found out that the Live with Kelly show was coming to Banff the very same weekend to tape 4 shows!   How fun!! What a great addition that would be to our girls weekend!  So we went through the process to apply for tickets!   Sadly, as the weeks passed, we were very disappointed to hear NOTHING about the tickets.  There was a chance we would get into a show as stand-bys, but it wasn't guaranteed.

Then on Friday, the day before we were to leave - guess what showed up in my mailbox!!  TWO tickets to the taping of one of the shows!!  Awesome - we were so excited!!

So, off we went - - and what a fabulous weekend it was!   We stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs - - which is just one of the most beautiful hotels in the world! 
We enjoyed a day of pampering at the hotel spa on Saturday.  Spa treatments, lounging in the mineral pools & hot tub . . . ahhh - - RELAXATION!!  We enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of the hotel restaurants and then a quiet evening chatting & reading our books.  We went to bed quite early -- we had to be up VERY early to get to the show taping!  
So - early Sunday (i.e. 5:45 am!!) we were up to get ready for our 'tv appearances'!  Ha, ha!   We had to catch a shuttle bus to the taping location by 7am!

And we were on our way to the show with tickets in hand!

Then, the not so fun part of the day!  We were quickly wisked through security, metal detectors, bag checks, etc. and brought into the audience holding room.  Oh my god - no chairs.  We were in the holding room (which was very hot!!) for over an hour & a half - standing - in heels - with hundreds of other people.   This was totally ruining our fun!    I thought my back was going to seize up (and I'm not old!)  People were getting very grumpy, let me tell you!

And then, finally, it was time to head in to the theatre where the taping was taking place to grab our seats.

A view of the set before the show:

And a few pics snapped during commercial breaks:

Overall - a really great experience.  We had a lot of fun and it was very cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff and all that goes in to doing a show like this.    Kelly and Mark (and the guests - Jason Biggs and Hee Jun Han) were all HILARIOUS.  I came away from the day liking Kelly even more than I did before, for sure!   Sounds like they all enjoyed Banff as much as we do!  (We are so lucky to live an hour away from this amazing National Park!)  If you watched the show (it aired on Monday morning) & were looking closely in the crowd - you could even see me briefly with a big smile and clapping enthusiastically (as we had been instructed to do!!). 

I have another few busy weekends coming up (although nothing as exciting as last weekend's events!) -- so my crafty time will be short this month -- but I do have some artwork I've been saving up to show you - - so I'll still be here regularly!     

Hope spring has arrived wherever you are!  We are getting more snow here tomorrow!! Uuughh!!


  1. What a fun weekend. So glad that you got in to see the show.

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! How exciting to be a part of the show. And your right..mom's need a little break now and again!

  3. What an amazing weekend! We were in Banff on Saturday and wondered if they were around somewhere! What an experience to be in the audience!!

  4. That is so cool Carla! I love her show, when I take the time to watch it! Sadly we have had rain and sunshine...no snow...but think on the bright side, you don't have to worry about any gardening :)


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