Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh my dear Canon . . . How I Love Thee!!

Crazy that I could be so in love with a piece of technology, but I really, really am!!
Hubby got me a Canon T2i for Christmas - my first DSLR.  I love taking pictures and have loved the several Kodak point & shoot digital cameras I've owned in the past 9 years.   I'm no professional photographer and have no aspirations to become one, but I've been really wanting to expand beyond the point & shoot world in the last year or two.  I have found that as my scrapbooking hobby has become a passion - I'm more & more interested in the photos themselves.  Specifically, I really want GREAT photos to put in my scrapbooks.  Well, my wish finally came true!! (I think hubby got tired of hearing me whine about all the things my current camera couldn't do, or maybe sick of hearing me say "That's my camera!" every time we saw the Canon commercial on TV.  Ha, ha!  I know, not very subtle!). 

So now that I have this wonderful tool - - I realize just how much I have to learn!
I have quickly realized that I really have no idea how to go beyond the automatic functions of the camera at this point.  So I've been reading diligently and a camera class is on my 'to-do' list for this spring.   

I've also realized just how many accessories a DSLR girl needs!  Oh my!! The shopping list is endless!  I've already picked up another lens for the camera (I need a zoom for photographing my kids playing sports, etc.!).  And of course I had to get a big SD card, because you never know how many pictures I might need to take in a single day!  And today, after much deliberation between brands & styles, etc., I ordered a great camera bag - the Kelly Moore b-Hobo!  Can't wait to get it!   Pricey, but after reading various reviews etc. online - - I think this is the bag for me!!  I've been browsing Etsy for camera strap covers, and lens pouches and all sorts of pretty little things!     Who knew that a simple camera purchase would lead me down this road . . .

But it is all so worth it.  Even in auto mode, I can already see the difference in my pictures!! 
Here is one I took a few weekends ago in Lake Louise, Alberta before dawn right from the window of our hotel room.  Do you see the moon?  The beauty of early morning was stunning and I love that I could capture it with my new camera!

So that has been my obsession the last few weeks.  It has inspired me to ramp up my scrapbooking because I'm so happy with all the new photos I have to work with! 

And now I better get back to work  . . . need to pay for all my new goodies :-)


  1. Yay! Congrats! A good camera is life changing - I love mine! ;)

  2. That is the best present ever! You will have a blast with it! I have a Canon too. Try e-bay for lens covers and different filters. Great deals..good prices! Your going to love this camera. I'm not a photographer either, but I'm learning a few things, lol. I just learnt today how to turn off the flash, lol. I'm such a newbie!


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