Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just 5 days left . . .

Just 5 days left before the Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book retires!
That means that many favourites from the current book will no longer be available to order after July 31st.  Check the list!  If there is anything you MUST have - be sure to place your order online by midnight on the 31st or send me an email at csironside@shaw.ca and I can include it on my order! And remember - it is MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK time!  Get a bonus item for just a $1 with orders over $50.

CTMH Spring/Summer 2011 Retiring List
(Items available only until July 31st and only while supplies last)

image courtesy of CTMH

Our cardstock packs are being reconfigured and repackaged on August 1st and the price is also increasing.  So if you use a lot of cardstock or have a favourite colour or two - you may want to stock up now!!
Until August 1st - you can buy all 60 of our individual colours in bulk packs of 24 sheets.  (After August 1st, only 15 colours per Idea Book will be available in bulk packs of 24 sheets).   Our current 'seasonal' combo packs available are being retired August 1st as well.  Click here to see our Spring/Summer cardstock inventory

Ink Pads and Markers:
Ink pads and markers will no longer be available in discounted combo 'sets' as of August 1st.    If you'd like to add to your marker/ink collection by taking advantage of the combo sets  -  be sure to pick them up before month end!  Click here to see our full selection of markers and ink pads.

Embellishments & Accessories:
The following great embellishment and accessory items are set to retire July 31st:

Z1154 Designer Ribbon Buttercup
Z1209 Designer Ribbon Cranberry
Z1125 Designer Ribbon SweetLeaf

Chipboard (Dimensional Elements):
Z1223 Booksmart
Z1156 Borders
Z1140 Framed Fun
Z1312 Stars
All of the Dimensional Elements Monograms (A to Z)

Embossed Chipboard (Irresistibles):
Z1354 Irresistibles Miracle
Z1390 Irresistibles Villa

Embossing Powders:
Z648 Baby Pink
Z671 Clear
Z647 Heavenly Blue
Z664 Pansy Purple
Z678 Silver Pearl

Z1400 Fanfare Level 2 Assortment of Brads
Z263 Fun Flock White
Z1300 Just Blooms White Daisy
Z1377 Kraft Color-Ready Borders
Z1340 Mini Medley Lagoon
Z1277 Mini Medley Outdoor Denim
Z1339 Mini Medley Pear
Z1243 Mini Medley Pewter

Other Tools & Accessories:
Z1141 My Creations Mini-Binder
Z1009 Pivot Point Stapler
Z1231 Rub-ons "Across The Board"
Z1265 Rub-ons "Primavera"
Z1211 Top Coats Framed In
Z338 Euro Paper Trimmer (new design in the new Idea Book)
Z339 Euro Replacement Blades
Z340 Euro Replacement Blade/Scoring
3501 Red Eye Pen
Z1289 Block Buddy Set
Z1090 Texture Tools

Envelope Flats:
Z1021 Envelope Flats 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Z1022 Envelope Flats 3" x 3"
Z1023 Envelope Flats 3" x 4 3/4"
Z1024 Envelope Flats 4" x 4"
Z1244 Envelope Flats 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Z1025 Envelope Flats 5" x 5"
Z1026 Envelope Flats 5" x 7"
Z1027 Envelope Flats 5 1/2" x 4 3/4"
Z1028 Envelope Flats 6" x 6"
Z1029 Envelope Flats 8" x 3 1/2"

Acrylic Blocks:
The following block sizes are being discontinued:

My Reflections Paper & Stickease Collections:
Bliss Level 1 -- X7132A
Bliss Level 2 -- X7132B 
Bliss stickease -- X7132C 
Miracle Level 1 -- X7133A 
Miracle Level 2 -- X7133B
Miracle stickease -- X7133C 
Sweetheart Level 1 -- X7134A 
Sweetheart Level 2 -- X7134B 
Sweetheart stickease -- X7132C 
Wings Level 1 -- X7135A 
Wings Level 2 -- X7135B 
Wings stickease -- X7135C
Fanfare Level 1 X7138A
Sophia Level 1 X7131A
Mayberry Level 1 X7136A
Lucky Level 1 X7137A 
Magnifique Level 1 -- X7127A
Magnifique Level 2 -- X7127B
Magnifique stickease -- X7127C 
Olivia Level 1 -- X7128A
Olivia Level 2 -- X7128B 
Olivia stickease -- X7128C 
Hooligans Level 1 -- X7129A
Hooligans Level 2 -- X7129B
Hooligans stickease -- X7129C
Mistletoe Level 1 -- X7130A
Mistletoe L2 -- X7130B 
Mistletoe stickease -- X7130C

Creative Basics Collections:
The Creative Basics line of products is being discontinued. 
Cherry-O  (currently on sale for just $3.25 per pack)

Workshops on the Go Kits:
G1023 Miracle Workshohp Kit
G1022 Mayberry Workshop Kit
G1021 Fanfare Workshop Kit
G1020 Bliss Workshop Kit
G1019 Sophia Workshop Kit
G1018 Lucky Workshop Kit
G1017 Sweetheart Workshop Kit
G1016 Wings Workshop Kit
Stamp Sets:
Shop our selection of stamp sets and note the following which will no longer be available as of July 31st:

Happy Shopping!!

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