Monday, May 16, 2011

What a weekend!!

Had an amazing time with the 40 attendees and my two co-hosts, Heather Kinahan and Noreen Smith, out at Canmore this past weekend for our Spring Retreat!  All the feedback we received has been extremely positive - we are so glad that you all had a great weekend!  We are already looking forward to the next one!  Thanks to you all for being such a great group & making the weekend what it was!

Ready to go!! Back of my van!

 Passenger seats of the van:
 Arrived in beautiful Canmore:

Scrap room ready to go -- can't wait for our guests to arrive:

In action & working hard:

Whew!! Now to catch up on my sleep!  So much fun!!


  1. Carla, it looks like so much fun and I wish that I were one of your attendees.

  2. Wowie Carla, Your retreat looks wonderful - I, like Lori, wish I could have been there! Wouldn't it be fun if all of the blog-friends could meet in one place for a retreat? We could finally hug and share in real life!?!

    I'm sure everyone appreciated the creative get-away! You are so amazing!

  3. Carla, ditto Lori & Sharli's comments!
    It takes a lot of effort to do a retreat & now I hope you're recovered! :)
    Maybe someday some of us will be able to meet IRL--what a blessing that would be!


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