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Welcome Ladies! And a little Q&A . . .

I wanted to take a minute to welcome all of the new team members who have all joined my team this month!  So glad to have you be a part of my Creative Canadians Team.

(Note - edited to include CURRENT info July 2014)

I've received quite a few emails this month with people asking questions about what all is involved in 'being a CTMH consultant'.  So I know if there are those people asking, there are probably several more of you with the same questions - so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little "FAQ" post on being a CTMH Consultant!  (Thanks Lisa Stenz for the idea!!)

1)  How much does the New Consultant Kit cost?

The price is $140 Cdn (plus tax and shipping).  NOW JUST $109 Cdn!!

2)  What is included in the New Consultant Kit?

Check out the brand new kit contents on my website HERE.

3)  Is there a catch?  What is the fine print? 

I promise, there is no catch!!  You get a huge bundle of wonderful products at a really great deal - that's it!!  You have the opportunity to build a business if you choose, but there is no requirement to do so!  If you are a details person - - you can read the "Terms & Conditions" HERE (scroll to bottom of page, under the Contract section of application, you'll find a link!).

4)  What if I don’t want to build a business and I just want to get the discount for myself on future orders?

That’s perfectly fine! In fact, there are a large number of Consultants that we call "Hobbyists" or "Personal Use Consultants".  These ladies usually do not hold parties,classes or workshops. You are welcome to simply enjoy the discount on your own orders.

5)  What is the discount?

Active Consultants enjoy the current discount of 22% off of every order.   You also receive additional compensation based on your personal sales level in the form of both free product and cash rewards.    Your total compensation has the potential to reach 50% on every order.

6) What are the sales quotas?

The sales requirement is $300 retail (before your discount) each calendar quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec) if you'd like to remain an Active Consultant.

7)  What if I don’t place $300 in orders in a quarter or place any orders at all?

Once you sign up, you have a full quarter to make your sales minimum.  This means that if you sign up in, for example, March, your first full quarter would be April to June.  You would have until the end of June to enjoy the full discount if you choose. At that time, if you do not have $300 in orders, you will simply cease to be a CTMH consultant, no questions asked, no strings attached.

8) Do I need to return the Consultant Kit if I don't place enough orders or cease to be a consultant?

Absolutely not -- you are buying the New Consultant Kit when you sign up.  Absolutely everything in it is yours to keep!

9)  Are consultants required to maintain an inventory?

No. There is no inventory requirement.  There are so many different products that CTMH actually suggests that you do not maintain an inventory.   As there are no minimum quantities for orders - there really is no need to carry an inventory.

10)  Does CTMH offer Hostess gifts? If so, who pays for them?

Yes! CTMH pays for all hostess rewards on qualifying orders. And as a Consultant, you are welcome to be your own Hostess and earn more free goodies!

11)  Does CTMH offer any training or events?

Absolutely! There are so many different training options online through CTMH.   There is an entire listening library of recorded conference calls, tons of Corporate training videos, bulletin boards for artwork, business, templates, and more. CTMH also has pre-designed projects and workshops for us to use if you choose to hold classes. There are great corporate events such as Annual Convention and Weekend Album Retreat. And you can call ME or the CTMH 1-800 consultant services number at any time if you have questions!

12)  How do you sign up?

You can sign up at my website here. It will only takes about 5 minutes!

13)  How long will it take to receive my kit?

In Canada, shipping is approximately 5-10 days, depending on where you live.

14) Can I contact you if I have questions after I sign up?

Please do!! I welcome your questions via phone, email or through my Facebook Page.

All in all - I really think this is an amazing deal with absolutely no downside!  I've been with CTMH for 6 years now (and have loved every minute!!)

Have a question that I didn't cover here?  Send me an email at anytime!

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  1. Congrats Carla for expanding your team! Great job.


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