Monday, February 21, 2011

The Creative Canadians Team is Growing!

My team of CTMH Creative Canadians is growing and I want YOU to join us too!!

Turn your hobby into a business & you can start EARNING money on scrapbooking supplies instead of always SPENDING money on scrapbooking supplies!  CTMH has a great compensation program (and purchase discount)  . . . and in the coming months - it is getting even better!    I promise there is only UPSIDE to this decision - you have nothing to lose!!

So why join now?!??!  A few great reasons!  If you join in February - CTMH is offering you the opportunity to earn a full rebate of $140 Cdn (the cost of your Consultant Kit), in addition to a bonus of $110 Cdn in FREE products, when you get off to a great start in your first 3 months as a consultant.    When you add it all up - with the value of the products in the consultant kit, and your bonus products, you can walk away with over $500 in products for FREE!!!  You can read more about the FREE, FREE & FABULOUS promotion HERE.   (Wondering how you might go about getting off to a great start?  Let me HELP you!!)

What's in the New Consultant Kit?  Info on the current 'customizable' kit with ALL NEW Spring/Summer products is HERE

Whether you want to start a business, be a 'hobby' Consultant and get a great discount on all of your CTMH products, buy and/or sell online digital scrapbooking with CTMH's Studio J, or even just take advantage of purchasing the consultant kit to get a ton of product at an amazing price, our Consultant Kit is ALWAYS a GREAT deal!

Personally - I'm really excited to be growing my team!  I LOVE what I do!!  I create, I teach, I blog & I hang out with a bunch of great people who love this crazy hobby as much as I do!!  Sounds like fun, right?!?!  Join for the great products that you already love & if you decide to grow your hobby into a business, I offer one-on-one assistance to any of my team members looking for that kind of support!
I'd love to chat with you more about CTMH & answer any questions you might have & to tell you about my own personal incentive offers for those who join my team this month!  Please contact me anytime at

Don't miss out on the perfect time to join CTMH.   When you are ready to sign up - you can find the quick and easy online application HERE.

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