Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Bath Layout with Caboodle & Studio J

I am going through scrapbooking WITHDRAWL!!!  I have been making so many cards and altered projects lately for the Christmas season that I haven't had a chance to do any scrapbooking lately!!  Missing it big time - but still only had a few minutes to play today.  The solution?  STUDIO J!!  I whipped up this quick layout of my baby's first bath in about 20 minutes!! (Note: This is just a screen shot - my printed layout won't have all the arrows & such!)  Love this program!  A quick way to get your scrapbooking 'fix'!!
Want to learn more about Studio J?  Check out the details HERE.  And find out about our new Studio J Membership benefits HERE

If you click on the layout - you can see a larger pic - unfortunately not large enough to read the journalling - so if you are interested in the story behind the layout - I've copied the journalling below!

Created in Studio J using the following 'digital' items:
Caboodle Level 2 Paper Pack
Caboodle Stickease
Sorbet Buttons
Sweet Leaf  Embroidery Thread
Sweet Leaf Medium Brads
Sorbet Grosgrain Ribbon
Vellum Journalling and Title Spots
Layout - 'Designers Eye' (Available in the "Cherish" How to Book, or available to Members Only in Studio J)
Sorbet ink distressing

Layout Journalling:
Your First bath (at a month old) was quite the adventure!  The nurse had to wear gloves to keep bacteria from getting in the water and into your IV lines.   Preemies have trouble maintaining body temperature so they brought out heat lamps to shine overhead and keep you warm while you took your first 'dip'.  They washed your head while you were still bundled in your blankets.  Then they quickly unwrapped you, gave you a quick wash and then dried you off and got you back into your cozy warm isolette!  You were so good - you didn't even cry!!  You seemed to enjoy the nice warm water!  Mom watched the nurse carefully so she would know what to do next time when they let us do it on our own!  Great Spa service - too bad they give such bad haircuts!


  1. What a precious, beautiful layout & precious baby! Studio J is great, isn't it? I've used it to catch up lately. I'm wayyyyy behind in scrapping! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That's a beautiful page... I might just have to give it a try!



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