Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stacy Julian & Library of Memories News!

Hey everyone -
I haven't talked about my Library of Memories project for a while - but I am still happily working away at my non-chronological and totally inspiring scrapbook system & I'm loving it! 
A few people asked me about Stacy Julian (Library of Memories creator!!) and her books, Big Picture Scrapbooking & Photo Freedom.  Unfortunately with the demise of Simple Scrapbooks, both of the books are currently out of print & very difficult to find!  On her blog, today, however, Stacy indicated she may go ahead & try to obtain the rights to the books so that she can continue printing them & making them available again.  Before she does that, though, she is trying to guage interest in the books  . . . . so if you have an interest in obtaining one or both of these fabulous books - be sure to check out Stacy's blog post & leave her a comment to let her know!!

You can visit her HERE

Have a great day!!

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  1. Nice - I took the Library of Memories class a while back as well :)


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