Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Wait is Almost Over! Welcome to Studio J!

I'm so excited!! The launch date of CTMH's new digital scrapbooking tool is almost here - Starting Tuesday April 27th at 8am MST - log on to My Website, look for the Studio J link, and check it out!! I promise - you are going to LOVE it!!

As a CTMH Consultant, I've been able to play with the software prior to the official launch.  I have never done any type of digital scrapbooking before - and I LOVE this program!!  Studio J is so easy to use - just drag & drop.  I've already completed 10 two-page layouts, each in about 1/2 hour's time!!  And the results are fabulous.  Check out this Studio J layout I recently completed (click to view larger image):

Studio J layouts are Real life. Real scrapbooks. Real Time.™  

The best part about Studio J - - everything you love about scrapbooking traditionally with CTMH is all there!  The papers, the patterns, the Stickease images . . . current product, retired product, and exclusive product!  That means your printed Studio J layouts can be placed in your albums right next to your traditionally scrapped layouts - the look and feel are the same!!   I will always be a traditional scrapbooker and will continue to do classic layouts.  But for someone like me who takes sooooo many pictures and has sooooo little time - Studio J is simply a great way to help keep up with the backlog of photos that I want to include in my scrapbook albums!  

Still not convinced?  Not sure you are interested in digital scrapbooking?  Not sure Studio J is the right digital program for you?  Get this - you can try it anytime - and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!  You can create as many layouts as you want, play with the different tools, experiment with your projects - and you don't pay a thing until you are ready to print the finished product. 

When you are ready to load your albums with your completed layouts, you can have CTMH print them for you for the great price of $14.95 Cdn for each two page layout!
AND - better yet - if you order 5 to 9 layouts - you'll get FIVE FREE Memory Page Protectors.
BEST of ALL - if you order 10 or more layouts - you'll get FREE shipping & handling, as well as 5 FREE Memory Page Protectors for every 5 layouts in the single order

When you consider the cost of doing the layout I made above traditionally - buying the paper pack, the stickers, the ribbon, the brads, the ink to distress the paper, the cost of printing the photos, and all your other consumables like adhesive and trimmer blades . . . Studio J is an amazing deal!

Along with my regular traditional artwork posts here on my blog, watch for new Studio J artwork posts here as well!  And be sure to visit my website starting Tuesday to try Studio J for yourself!!

Layout above features "It's A Guy Thing" paper - available digitally on Studio J and also in a traditional Level 2 Paper Pack.  The layout pattern is "Abstract" from the CTMH book "Cherish". 


  1. Love this! I just tried Studio J this morning...LOVE IT!!

  2. I did it!! Nothing like a cold and windy day to get me inspired to scrapbook :-) And so easy! I love that there is no downloading and paying for items up front. That's what's always stopped me in the past! In a matter of 5 or so hours I have an album complete! Woohoo!!


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