Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Scrap Room - Stamp Storage

One of the key components to keeping my scrap room organized is my stamp storage.
I own HUNDREDS of CTMH stamp sets!! And I am a lover (and addict) of Tupperware.  And the two go perfectly together!! I use rectangular Modular Mates storage containers to hold my stamp sets. 

They are the PERFECT fit.  I stand them up in the container so that I can flip through them to find what I'm looking for! 
The #2 rectangulars work best for 'flipping through' as the container height is only about 2/3 of that of the stamp sets (see the two 'end' containers in the photo).  The #3 rectangular containers are best for portable storage as the container height is high enough to fully contain your stamp sets & be able to put the lid on the container.   Both the rectangular #2 and #3 will fit approximately 20 stamp sets.  When going to a crop I throw the stamp sets I plan to use in one of my Modular Mates, put the lid on, throw it in my bag & go!!

I further organize my stamp sets by the color coded 'categories' that CTMH has assigned to them (i.e. spring, sentiments, everyday life, etc.).  I label the containers with the category name using my portable label maker (LOVE this tool!).

This system works well for me although, admittedly, I have on occasion ordered a stamp set that I already own.  A "to-do" project on my list is to 'inventory' all of my stamp sets to avoid doing that!!

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  1. Oh Carla! I laughed out loud about ordering a stamp you already own! I've done that, too! I figured I must have REALLY liked it!!! Your storage is great - thanks for sharing such a good tip - everyone is always looking for a better way to store things!


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