Friday, February 5, 2010

CTMH Sweet Home - My Least Common Layout

This is my first assignment for my Library of Memories class . . .

I had to create my 'least common layout'.  The assignment involves going through the completed layouts you have in your scrapbooks and figuring out 'what's missing'!   The idea is that your layouts tell your stories.  Are you missing the stories about "Us", "Places", "People" or "Things" in your life?  And when you document a story on your layout through journalling, which of the 5 "W's" do you omit most often? 

Turns out for me, I am missing the stories about "People", meaning the people outside of our immediate family that we associate with and love.  The reason I'm missing out on these stories is because I tend to focus my layouts on "Us" - meaning me, my husband, and our kids.  But without including our extended family and friends in my scrapbooks - I am not telling the whole story.  And the "W" that I miss most often in my journalling is the "Why" - why is the event or story significant? 

So - I set out to complete the assignment by creating a layout that included my least common elements - "People" and "Why".

I was flipping through photos and found these pics taken of my grandparents (my childrens' great-grandparents) at Christmas in 2008.  I was immediately inspired (even though the photos are not great) to create a layout about 'why' they are so special to us and how blessed we are that my kids get to know & love their great grandparents!  (My great grandmother is actually still alive, as well - she turns 100 this year - I'll have to do a layout about her too!!)

I used this week's sketch from the Design Dollies for my layout.

(sorry about the flash reflection on the photo.  if you want to enlarge - just click on the image)

Materials Used (all Close to My Heart):


  1. What a great layout Carla!!! I do the same thing! I'll have to start looking at the pictures in a different way. I went back and scrapbooked pics of myself and my brothers when we were little and it's amazing how even furniture and buildings in the background bring back memories!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your class with us! I've learned something today just reading your post!!! A Good Day!

    I think what helped me break out of the "immediate circle" was my "baby book" for my car. When I decided to scrap things that happened to "Chloe" (my VW Bug) I captured all sorts of events with people and everyday things, too, that I might not have scrapped any other way! I love my "car" books (just starting the new one for Keiko).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Carla, this layout is "Great". I'm so glad you are sharing wht you're learning with us. I'm sure we can all look back and probably find the same things missing in our layouts. I know upon immediate refelction, I am missing the why and the people too. I tend to just scrap the kids....tfs!
    Kim xXx

  4. What an awesome idea...!!! I LOVE what you did with this LO Carla. Mine is all kids too!!!

  5. I love that take on the challenge!! beautiful layouts! I adore those lil white flowers!


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